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An Empty Mall Could Bring Gambling To Virginia


There is very little in the way of legal gambling in the state of Virginia outside of the lottery. The state has a virtual monopoly on all legal gambling activity in this way, and it has been this way for a very long time. However, that may be changing soon if some legislators have their way. 

An empty mall in the Virginia city of Bristol may make it possible for some people to soon enjoy a casino experience. This is because certain lawmakers with the backing of casino industry leaders have been making a push to turn that unused mall space into a casino for residents to enjoy. 

Obviously, some laws are going to have to change if this is going to become a reality. The ban on legal gambling in the state of Virginia right now makes it hard to have any kind of casino or other similar type of activity at all of course. However, there is a lot of public support for changing the laws as the Supreme Court has ruled to allow states to allow legal sports wagering within their borders if they choose to do so. 

The fact that the mall has been on a huge decline and now sits virtually empty has left many with a sense of loss as they used to go to that mall when it was in its earlier years. Back then, it was a thriving mall that catered to the unique taste of the community that it served. Now, it is a place that just sits as a reminder of decline. If it is turned into a casino, it could have a rebirth that leads to it being used by the public in large numbers once again. 

It is difficult to say which way lawmakers are leaning when it comes to legal sports wagering, but it is not that hard to say that they may put some pressure on the neighboring states of Tennessee and Kentucky to also open up legal gambling options if they do in fact allow this casino in Bristol to be built and used as a legal gambling den.

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