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$10 For Practically Nothing when you try Virgin Casino


A stranger walks up to you in the street and hands you ten dollars. Do you take it? Of course you would! A free ten dollars would really make our day for most of us. While I wouldn't wait around for that generous stranger for very long, there are casino opportunities to get your free ten dollars just around the corner. 

Virgin Casino currently has a special for a free ten dollars into your account if you enter the promotional code: "Bonus10". This code is good enough to get you the free money that they have promised, and it can be used on any number of different types of games. There are plenty of slot machines to choose from of course, but this is not your only option when it comes to the way in which you can use your free money. You might also choose to go with some spins on the roulette wheel, blackjack, or even video poker. 

No matter what your cup of tea is when it comes to gambling, there is probably a game for you at the Virgin Casino. You just don't find a much better deal than a straight up free money offer. Many of the casinos offer matching bonuses on your first deposit or something of that nature, but to find a place that will literally just give you free money to play is a rarity anymore. 

The Virgin Casino is seeking to attract new players and build upon their empire. They already have a number of things going for them, so adding a few more enterprises like this just makes sense. Still, the offer for a free ten dollars is not something that you often see with even an establishment that is trying to gain in market share. This is very generous and sets the casino apart. 

There are not the kind of restrictions that you might expect with getting free money from a casino either. They do not tell you which games you must play or anything of that nature. In that way, you really do get the maximum value out of your casino bonus here.

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