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A New Twist To Horse Racing - BetAmerica Racing Contests


Horse racing has always been a sport that people wager money on. The thrill of watching your selected horse cross the finish line in first when you have money on him is amazing. However, some want even more ways to wager on and have fun watching horse racing. Fortunately for them, BetAmerica has come up with a way to allow for this. Think fantasy sports meets horse racing.

What BetAmerica has done is create what are known as "Racing Contests". These are a game of skill whereby a contestant selects his or her lineup of desired horses, and competes against others who have done the same to see who will end up with the best outcome at the end of the day. Rather than betting on one or two horses in each race, the contestant is selecting a whole roster of horses to compete in all of the races on a given day and at a given racetrack. 

For a fixed price, a player may enter a tournament against others who want to play. They are given a set amount of play money to "draft" the horses that they want to add to their team. This is where the skill comes in as players must make sure to allocate their resources well and select just the right combinations of horses to win the contest. They can't just pick all favorites because they would not have enough play money to make this happen. Rather, they must choose the right fixed combination of horses to do just well enough during the day. 

Many players like to wager on horse racing in this manner because it gives them a chance to care about all of the races, but only for a fixed amount of money. Where a player might bet $10 per race if they were at the track, they can bet just one ten dollar bill to play the contest for the whole day. 

The tote board continually updates as each race is run to show how players are doing against one another. Only the top finishers in the contest will win any money. However, at least in some of the racing contests, players are able to enter multiple rosters if they are willing to pay the entry fee each time. This increases the amount of their wager but also statistically improves their odds of winning. 

For many, this form of entertainment is a better way to wager. They like that they can potentially be rewarded for something that is skill based rather than just a straight up gamble like most every other game available in the casino world. It is an innovation that BetAmerica hopes to cash in on in a big way.

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